Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Our schedule

Just for background, here's roughly what we have planned for our midsummer:
  • We arrive at Marcia & Rutger's tomorrow. Sooz & Grant take an earlier flight on SAS than I do; I'm flying BA after work. We go out the next day (borrowing Marcia's car) and  Marcia & Rutger (plus Archie) follow on Friday.
  • We spend a few days together as one big happy family but Rutger has to leave early, and then Marcia and the kids leave on Tuesday.
  • Margaret and Janne are going away for midsummer this year, so we'll be solo on the holiday weekend (although we'll see them before and after that weekend, of course). I think it's a good opportunity for us to get to know our neighbors better. And we really need to host Tony and Ann-Catrin at some point!
  • Grant is going to do some more painting at Dave's house, so he'll be occupied for a few days and earn a bit of pocket money for college.
  • We'll probably head to Gustavsberg and Namdö on a couple of day trips to pick up supplies and stave off island fever.
This visit will be a lot different than previous ones; there really isn't much building or fixing to do. We should be able to chill out and enjoy our little house and our little island with our friends. Stay tuned on the blog to see how that goes; I'm not well-known for chilling out.

UPDATE: There's some sort of wildcat pilot's strike in Sweden tomorrow and Sooz and Grant's flight has been canceled. We think they've been rebooked on a flight about 3 hours later but we're trying to confirm through the terrible hold music on SAS reservations. Sigh.

UPDATE 2: They're all set, leaving on a flight about 3 hours later. A bit inconvenient for Marcia & Rutger but at least we'll all get there tonight as planned. Phew.

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