Friday, May 20, 2011

Another power cut

We found a postcard from Vattenfall in our Texas mailbox when we got home. They said our power was going to be out for an hour at 9:00 last Tuesday morning. (Readers may remember the same thing happened last summer.)

Normally, I wouldn't worry too much about this, but we left our fridge on with lots of food, so Sooz was worried about the power not coming back for some reason and spoiling our stuff. I called Janne and he said it was no big deal, but of course Sooz still worried. Janne came to her rescue with a site visit and confirmed all was well at our home.

Then we got another postcard yesterday about yet another power cut, coincidentally yesterday, too.  I sent Vattenfall an email asking why they send postcards about this, when we correspond over email on everything else. They responded that, legally, they had to send a postcard. Still seems strange to me. Since this is becoming old hat nowadays, we won't bother Janne to double-check this recent power cut, too. Who knows how many more postcards we will get over the next few weeks?

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