Monday, May 23, 2011


... is, as you may remember, the Swedish tax authority. My tax forms arrived to my Texas address this week, and once again, my net tax is zero. I like that figure, but I admit I still retain a nagging feeling that I should owe something.

Rutger happened to be visiting and he looked at my papers. He agrees that I have properly registered my house; all the numbers and names match, so I'm not hiding or misrepresenting anything. If the authorities say I don't owe them anything, I'm going to believe them.

Skatteverket has a cool iPhone app to submit your taxes; unfortunately, it doesn't work from the USA as their text number isn't recognized. I had to do it over the internet, but that took about a minute.

There's a wealth of info in English on the Skatteverket website. My favorite is "Purchasing and performing undeclared work in Sweden". These guys are serious about collecting tax on everything.

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