Saturday, May 7, 2011

Onboard the m/s Roslagen

Damn is it hard to leave, especially on such a beautiful day. There aren't many of us on the boat going from the islands on a sunny Saturday afternoon. At least we didn't have to do a lot to close up the house as Sooz will be back in just 4 weeks.

Claes and Eva-Lis, the artists who have a studio behind our house, are holding an open house today, sponsored (I think) by Varmdö kommun, so they have little signs and ribbons along the trail. We'll be missing that as our boat left just as things were getting started. Damn again.

Our plan is to do a bit of shopping at Gustavsberg and then back to Marcia & Rutger's. We've been invited to join a birthday party of one of Marcia's friends in the city tonight which should be fun, but it will probably make for a short night as we need to catch the 0600 airport bus the next morning.

UPDATE: We talked to Willie; he called while we were at Gustavsberg. All is well in Dalarna, but like all contractors, he's scrambling because the harsh winter took away a couple of months of the building season so there's a big backlog to get work done. His son, Eddie, is doing well playing hockey in Canada. Willie said he might be in the archipelago at the end of June, so perhaps we'll get to see him at our house. We both would like that.

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