Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Meet Viktor!

On our most recent visit, Sooz and I took an evening walk through the center of the island, instead of our customary lap of the perimeter. We came across someone working on a site fairly high up on the berg, or "rock". When we went over to introduce ourselves, the workman said his name was Viktor, and we told him we lived in the X-House further downhill.

To our astonishment, he said, "oh yes, I know you, family Langford". Turns out Viktor is building an X-House much like ours, and Stefan had showed him our blog. He has been reading it closely and said it inspired him to build an X-House of his own. Wow.

He came over to visit us the next day and we had a good walk through of our house, shared our photos and plans, and Viktor made a few measurements of his own. It was great fun, and we look forward to seeing him again when we're back this summer.

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