Tuesday, May 3, 2011

All is OK!

Sorry for not posting the past couple of days. I was hit with jetlag Saturday night and Sunday was spent shopping at Bauhaus for various supplies. We crammed Marcia's car Monday morning with the Fatboy and the rest of our stuff. Sooz drove it to Gustavsberg for grocery shopping and I took the bus to Stavsnäs. We met our taxibåt, and laden almost to the gunwales, we arrived on Aspö around 12:30 to a nice sunny day.

Janne and Tony met us and a quick wheelbarrow brigade got all our goods safely home. The house looked in great shape, (except for a number of fallen branches on the property) and our well-practiced routine had it all cleaned up and commissioned in no time.

Sooz caught some sunshine and then we retired for the evening by watching 'Dancing With The Stars' through my MacBook on our TV set.

Tuesday wasn't sunny, in fact it was pretty cold and damp. I set to making my storage bench, and after a few hours, and with only a few mis-steps, I ended up building exactly what I was hoping for. Sooz started a fire to burn our wood scraps and the fallen timber. Good thing she started early, as the cold and damp turned to snow later in the day! Sooz was Not Happy. I hid in the little house, replacing the ugly shop light with a more stylish IKEA paper one.

Janne and Tony came over for dinner and we were all cheerful after Sooz's lemon-thyme pork chops and a half a box of red wine. It's an early bedtime as we're both beat. But what's that? Where are the pictures? Don't worry—click here for your May 2011 photo gallery.

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