Friday, May 27, 2011

Radiator II

I posted in February about a radiator with a digital thermostat I had seen at Bauhaus. I planned to use it to allow much more precise control of the temperature in the bathroom over the next winter. Rutger picked it up for me, in fact I think it was the exact same one pictured in my post, as it was a floor model, and it was only 249 kronor. Such a deal!

It fits perfectly in the bathroom and it looks great. However, I found a fatal flaw. I can set it to 5 degrees, no problem, however, if the power were to go out at our house, its thermostat resets... to 25 degrees! That would be really bad. So this radiator is definitely out for winter use.

Thankfully, Clas Ohlson came to the rescue. I found a plug-in thermostat online which can be used to work any radiator. Their helpful tech support desk confirmed to me this unit has a battery inside so it remembers its setting in case of a power cut. It is designed to do exactly what I want, in fact in Swedish it's called a "frost guard". I ordered one and will use it this winter for sure.

The good news is that the radiator and the extra thermostat ended up costing far less than the radiator's original price. I'm happy.

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