Sunday, September 14, 2008

A boat

Rutger and I talked in the past about going halfsies on a boat. I've been so busy with the house-building, I hadn't thought about a boat at all lately.

But he called the other day with news that a friend of his was selling his boat next spring and it seems like a good deal. It has a 60hp motor which is enough for water-skiing, which pleases Grant. I don't know much more about it (or much about boats in general) but will look into it. The price is right, especially if we split the purchase cost. The boat in question is shown above.

I will talk to Janne and Tony in detail when we're over to Aspö next, because I'm not fully clear on where and how we would keep the boat, both in terms of docking in the summer, and storage in the winter. And of course I have a lot to learn about maintaining a boat and especially navigating Swedish waters. But it does sound like fun!

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Anonymous said...

You'll be just like those guys that go "Up North" with their boats in Minnesota!