Saturday, September 20, 2008

Driving to Sweden

We've a bit of a lull until Göran arrives next week for the electricity, so I thought I'd post about something we've been thinking about for a while.

Next summer, we plan for Sooz and Grant to spend 6-7 weeks on Aspö, and 3 weeks for me at least. Of course we want to bring Ollie, too, so we're planning to drive from London. It allows us to load up the wagon with fragile stuff, take the pooch, and give us our own car while in Sweden. Public transport is excellent, but it's not the best when you have a dog and a lot of stuff with you.

There are a bunch of possible routes, but dogs aren't allowed on the longest ferries, so it looks like a hop through the chunnel and overland to Sweden either via the Öresundsbron or on a ferry to Göteborg and then cross-country. Either way, it's two full days and about a thousand miles. Imagine how many blog posts that trip would generate!


expateek said...

Ooooh! GROOVY map!

Anonymous said...

No matter how you go--it will be an exciting wonderful trip!

Margaret said...

Joyce can't you jump in the car with them? Would love to finally meet you!

Anonymous said...

I would recommend the boat between Kiel and Gothenburg.

Less mileage, good food on the boat and dogs are allowed if you book a cabin designated for pets.