Saturday, September 6, 2008

Electrical installation

We decided to put the main outdoor fuse box for our house on the back wall of the little house. That keeps it out of the way, and is in fact closer to our electricity drop. We had to wait until the little house was up before we could have the electrical company come out.

Now that the little house is up, I tried calling Göran, the electrician, this morning, and either misdialed or spoke so poorly he couldn't understand me. Janne came to the rescue and called him, and Margaret reported back that "Janne spoke with Göran, he (and 3 or 4 helpers) will be out on Aspö Tues-Fri the week of 22 September...apparently they've got your house plus 2 or 3 others."

So we're still on track for our October visit.

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