Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Talked to Janne again...

...and he has recovered from the cold he's been suffering from. The weather isn't great on Aspö right now; Janne is hoping for the 'Indian Summer'.

He has sent in the official request for our electricity drop. It looks like it will have to be provided from a greater distance than I thought, as the poles bordering our property are high-voltage lines. But the good news is that I pay a flat fee, even if the electrical company has to do more work. Göran will set up the electrical box and finish the inside of the house next week. Janne thinks it's still likely that all the work will be done by the time we return on October 20.

He's also going to order the Cinderella for us through his account at Fredells, and bring it up to our house later this month. I talked to Johan and he said that ordering through them was fine.
With electricity and a Cinderella, we'll be all set for our trip back next month.

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