Monday, September 15, 2008

Update from Wille

He called me from the boat back from Aspö and said that he was all done, at last. There are only two small things to followup on:
  • The door frame on the little house is 120mm wide but the house walls are only 78mm thick so the frame is too wide
  • He can't figure out how to do the bunk beds from the wood that is supplied
He's going to talk to Stefan tomorrow about those items. Otherwise, the roofs are done, the deck is turned over and stained (he says it looks great), and the electrical wires are pulled through.

The plan is for Göran to come and do electrical work late next week, and then Wille will return with his floor-finishing colleague to treat the interior floors in early October. If all goes according to plan, we'll be set for our kitchen install on October 21 (after we all see Mikael play for Djurgården against Linköpings HC on October 18, of course.)

I asked Willie if he was sick of our little island, and he said the opposite, that he'd miss it. He's become friendly with Tony and Janne and all the boat captains. I can see that; he should be a politician!

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