Monday, September 8, 2008

Water testing

Both Wille and Rutger told me that the kommun would test our well water. I took a sample last week, and it was pretty yellow when I bottled it, although it still tasted and smelled fine. One reason for testing is to see if a filter is recommended, and if so, what kind of filter. Janne says there are many types, and installing one is no problem.

I just sent an email, all in Swedish, to Värmdö kommun to inquire about testing. Let's see if I have any luck with my inquiry!

UPDATE: After reading Marg's comments, I decided to take a different tack and have ordered this kit. My goal is to have a general sense of our water so we can decide if we want a filter, and if so, what kind. I hope this kit will do the trick; if not, it wasn't that expensive.

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Margaret said...

I think the way it works is, that you have to take a fresh sample of water and deliver it to the testing place on Värmdö on the same day - which is tricky business as they are not open very often. We've still not tested ours thanks to their hours and the fact that you've got to jive taking the sample with finding a boat that gets you in to Stavsnas in time to make it to the testing place. Grrr