Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Grant's Road Trip?

Grant was typing on his MacBook last night, and asking us detailed questions about this summer's drive to Sweden: how much did the boat from Kiel cost, how long did we drive on the second day, etc.

Turns out he's been talking to three of his friends about taking a road trip after graduation and spending a week on Aspö. So he was gathering details and sending them along to his prospective driving buddies.

I'll admit the idea tickles me. I was about that age when I took my first cross-country trip with two friends in my first car, a 1969 Mustang Mach 1. (It looked exactly like the one in the ad above, although of course, we didn't drive that fast.) We drove from Minneapolis to central Pennsylvania, with stops in Chicago and Indianapolis.

His mother, however, is less sanguine about the prospect. And I imagine the mothers of the other three boys would be even less so! Still, I like the idea, and we have plenty of time to develop it. I think it would be great if it worked out.


Sooz said...

That's not true! His mother is tickled too. Just a little wary, because I know how horrible that stretch of road in Germany is! It's early days-who knows if this will come to pass? But I am happy to support them-I think it's a wonderful idea.

Anonymous said...

I remember taking my driving test in this!!

Anonymous said...