Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I love it when a plan comes together

Apologies to Hannibal Smith for the quote.

Anyways, it seems like things are coming together. We'll be spending this upcoming weekend with Marcia & Rutger. I will be meeting the bank in Stockholm on Monday morning to finalise my loan request, and then we'll link up with Margaret at St. Eriksplan to all head out to Stavsnäs for a Monday evening boat.

We'll share island dinner duties during the week with Margaret and Janne, and then back to Marcia and Rutger's Saturday morning before we head home Sunday.

Jesper's all set to do the roofing work, although he pointed out that it snowed today, which was too early even for him. (Margaret also mentioned the snow, but since she and Janne will be wintering in Flordia, she's not bothered!) I checked the webcams and it appears everything's melted. Good thing Janne's going to turn on the heat early for us so our home's all toasty when we arrive!