Monday, October 5, 2009

Material for the roof

I've been emailing between Janne and Jesper about the material order for our roof. At Margaret's suggestion, the two of them spoke directly on Friday (cutting out me, the inefficient middleman) and now we're all set.

Janne will order the roof panels and ancillary stuff and have it delivered. I'll move it all from the dock to our house when I'm over in two weeks, and Jesper will be out thereafter to install it.

The only other big projects to be done are the staining of the doors and trim, which Sooz will do, and the burning of the remaining scrap wood. Hopefully, I'll get some relaxation time!

As an aside, it's probably going to be chilly. Temperatures right now are between 40°-50°F (4°-10°C).

UPDATE: Marg writes in that "everything is ordered and will be delivered 19 October. And I am definitely going out on the same 4:40pm boat as you...I can stay until Thursday morning, too!" Excellent news.