Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Sooz and I had no problem starting up the house last night; Janne had turned on the heat and the fridge so everything was a good temperature when we arrived.

We had a bit of a lazy night; the most interesting thing was how dark it was, both outside (low clouds and a deserted island) and inside (we really need more lights!)

Today was busy; Sooz stained the doors and half of the windows. Thankfully, Tony and Janne moved our roof panels about two-thirds of the way on Janne's ATV, so all I have to do is haul them one-by-one overland to the house. They aren't too heavy, but they are awkward, and there's a lot of them! I think I got about half moved, and we will finish tomorrow.

The weather improved during the day and we had some lovely autumn sunshine at the end. We're about to head to Marg and Janne's for dinner. Photos on the webgallery now; more soon.