Thursday, July 17, 2008

A bit more about Wille

Here's a good shot of Janne, aka Wille. He is from Leksand, a hockey-mad town in central Sweden, and Wille is a hockey-mad guy.

His son is a goalkeeper with the Leksand Stars, who are, as Wikipedia says, "one of the most popular teams throughout Sweden because of their consistent success despite the fact that the town of Leksand only has 6,000 inhabitants."

Wille has spent time in Minnesota (related, of course to hockey), and he took a Greyhound bus from Minneapolis to Boston, which I bet was an interesting journey indeed.

He's been involved in building ever since he was young; he has an older brother who helps him on occasion (and I think will join us next month). Janne said his work looked good, and that he 'talks the language', and by that I think he meant the language of building, not Swedish. His girlfriend is a hairdresser in Stockholm, although Wille doesn't need her haircutting services, if you catch my drift.

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