Saturday, July 26, 2008


I am leaving for the US this morning on a business trip and didn't sleep well last night. (Lots on my mind, as you can imagine.)

A friend and I were talking about Werner Herzog earlier this week, which I guess explains why I woke up to a dream of sorts about Fitzcarraldo.

That movie is based on a true story of a Irish would-be rubber baron who hauled a steamship hundreds of meters overland between two river systems in the Peruvian jungle. (In real life, he had it dismantled and carried over; Herzog, however, had an entire steamship dragged by hand. It's an amazing film.)

You can guess by now I was Fitzcarraldo in my dream, a crazy foreigner dragging stuff through the wilderness. It wasn't necessarily a bad dream; just odd. Perhaps a bit appropriate, but still odd.

Off to my flight now; I'm sure I'll post state-side!

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