Saturday, July 12, 2008

Wildlife Part 2

About 0800 Wednesday morning, as Willie and I were working, we heard a loud crack in the woods to the west, and the sounds of something big moving around. We never saw anything, but we both thought it had to be a moose.

Then, on the way toward Janne's to borrow a few tools, Willie saw a snake on the path. Willie hates snakes, and wasn't too happy. I think it was a type of adder; there aren't too many snakes in Sweden and they are all protected. We saw a couple on our land last summer, so I think they're fairly common, on Aspö at least. Marcia told me their bite is like a wasp's sting, not that I ever hope to find out.

Lastly, Willie moved a pretty good-sized rock late in the day and jumped back like he was shocked. There was a huge ant colony underneath, and the ground literally exploded with ants. They were everywhere in a split-second; I've never seen anything like it. Unfortunately, one of the foundations had to go right on the colony. In the future, whenever I see an ant in the house, I'll suspect it is a great-great-grand nephew of one we displaced that day, out for revenge!

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