Friday, July 18, 2008


I have been looking at my budget tonight. Despite all my gripes about spending, I seem to be pretty close on the big items so far- the house itself, the construction cost, transport, the well and pump, etc.

The helicopter is an unforeseen item, and the grey water system will be more than I had planned. And I will have lots of odds and ends for a few thousand kronor here and there, all of which will add up, and only some of which I had accounted for.

But Janne advised me well, so the basic spending seems OK so far. (Although we haven't built just yet!!)

The big problem is I had budgeted at 6.9 to the dollar and I'll be paying an average of 6.2. That makes everything automatically 11% more right off the top, and it makes this post fairly ironic.

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