Thursday, July 17, 2008


Margaret has made a group order from the Systembolaget for all three families to be delivered to the island. A couple of cases of beer and three boxes of wine is about a thousand kronor. Alcohol is taxed very highly in Sweden, and sold only through state stores, as a means of dampening consumption.

She also gave us a good list of shopping tips; Marg has honed her logistical skills from many trips out to Aspö, and has graciously shared them with us. Although it is an option to visit the store on Namdö, (or potentially arrange a delivery), that's fairly troublesome, so it is better to shop wisely in advance and bring as much as we can on the boat with us. Sooz will have that work cut out for her because if shopping was left to me, we'd eat mostly potato chips and sugar-based snacks!

UPDATE: Margaret wrote tonight: "We just got back from a 'trial run' on the Namdö tour - 3:30pm boat from here, arriving at Solvik (where the shop & restaurant are) at 4pm, left there 7:40pm. Perfect! Honestly the time just flew by, so much so that we actually had to rush the shopping at the end. We skipped the walk and just enjoyed a nice long dinner..."

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