Thursday, July 3, 2008

Leaving Saturday Morning

I'm almost packed. Sooz is making up a good-sized box of various stuff to leave at Ann & Dave's, and I have my clothes and gadgets in a carryon. Margaret will be going out with me on the boat Sunday night, which is a great treat; we'll meet at Stavsnas as I'll be driving down with Rutger as my chauffeur. Marg also gave me some good shopping tips, as we'll have to feed ourselves.

I also talked to Stefan about the shelf in the smaller bedroom for bunk beds, as in the show house; I suddenly realised we never closed the loop on that. He will have beams made up and added to the shipment for us to install as we build.

And I emailed Johan about the Cinderella, telling him we were still interested, although we wouldn't be ready until later this year. I asked if it could be used tempoarily because we'll have to tile the bathroom before we can mount it permanently. The short answer is yes, we can, with a few precautions.

With luck I'll be posting from Marcia and Rutger's house Saturday evening.

UPDATE: I just checked the weather. Looks cool (60°F) and at least a 20% chance of showers.

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Margaret said...

I guess the weather could change on the weekend (I never trust wx reports) but y-day and today = HOT.
Mixed clouds and sun but very warm temps.