Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bit of a crisis this morning

My new neighbors, Olle and Tony, are upset with me this morning. Apparently, Willie took some scrap wood from their yards as we built the frame. Janne had given us some wood from his building site and I had assumed we had the OK to use what we did.

Apparently not, as Olle and Tony saw we had used some of their stuff, obviously without their permission. Olle, especially, was hopping mad yesterday. Margaret sent me an email this morning. I talked to Janne and Willie, and the two of them also spoke this morning. Willie will call Olle later today to set things right. I'm not sure what we used, but whatever it is, we'll replace. (Remember on an island, everything has to be hauled out, so even seemingly small things have value just because of cost of transport.)

Besides upsetting the neighbors by taking stuff from them, I've disappointed and embarassed Janne, who now has to help clean up my mess. That fact disappoints and embarasses me.

UPDATE: Willie has spoken to Olle and apologised directly. I think the initial upset is smoothed over, but we will make tangible and emotional amends directly when we're there in August. What is annoying is that the sense of community on a small island is really important- and one of the reasons we want to live there. And here I go, throwing a monkey wrench into that at the first opportunity. Sigh.


Anonymous said...

The more I read your blog the less hospitable the island seems to be--ticks, moose, ants,snails, diseases and now pissed off neighbors!
Have a good August.

Don said...

A valid point! But with the exception of the ticks, everything else can be handled pretty easily. (And I think the moose is pretty cool myself.)

I'll do a better job of writing about all the charming things on the island, too!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you regarding the moose.