Saturday, July 12, 2008

Ticks Part 2

Just got back from the local hospital. After last night's find, I looked as best I could and found one more in the center of my back. Being alone in the house, I couldn't do anything about it, and I really couldn't pop by my new neighbors asking for help. ("Excuse me, sir. I've just moved in next door and I wonder if I could trouble you to check me for ticks?")

I called the NHS; they advised me to visit the local hospital. I did, and it turned out to be an ingrown hair, but the nurse was nice about it. My car park ticket said I was there for 19 minutes. I love the NHS.

Longer-term, there are two threats posed by ticks. First is TBE, or tick-borne encephalitis, potentially serious, but it can be prevented by a vaccine. TBE isn't in the UK, but the hospital said the vaccine should be available, so I am going to check into shots on Monday. Marcia said they're all vaccinated.

The other disease is Borelia, which I think is similar to Lyme disease, although it is fully treatable if antibiotics are taken promptly. Janne's had it at least once.

Simple precautions can keep one from having ticks in the first place, and if they're removed within 24 hours, there's little chance of catching anything. So don't be put off from visiting!

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Valerie said...

Borelia is the same as Lyme - I've had it, too. I didn't get the classic red ring rash, though - apparently in some cases it doesn't appear. In my case I had a temperature about a week after being bitten, so it's worth watching out for that. Ugh - horrible things!

(I found your blog by searching for info on the Separett toilet, btw - all those posts are much appreciated! I live in the Czech Republic and am looking to buy a chalet that has a dry loo, so was wondering what the possibilities were for something as hi-tech as possible...)