Saturday, April 18, 2009

Back at Marcia and Rutger's

We had a breakneck start to the day, finishing off the garderobes (some glue was involved due to an accident which I wasn't too happy with myself about), bringing our leftovers to Janne, and cleaning up in general. It was a lot colder and windier today; in fact there was a one-minute snow shower!

The boat ride was pretty empty, people usually go to the islands on Saturday, not from. We took the subway up to Margaret's shop, which was very busy, unfortunately due to her closing down sale. But it was super as always to see her, with the bonus of knowing now that she'll be on Aspö all summer.

We're all now freshly showered and ready for a good night's sleep at Rutger's. Back to London tomorrow afternoon. Fresh photos in the webgallery.

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