Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wow am I annoyed

I went to the dock around 2:30 to check on our IKEA delivery but the dock was bare. After a number of calls, I finally found out that our order was indeed on the boat and went to Aspö, but the delivery wasn't made because I wasn't there to pay the freight charges.

Apparently, Waxholmsbolaget didn't have any record of my paying in advance (I swear I did, but can't check right now). In any case, they didn't call me or Rutger, both of whose numbers were on the paperwork. So they left, and I have to sort it out tomorrow, with an earliest delivery now on Thursday. Annoying to be so close and so far, especially since Sooz cooled her heels on the dock for three hours this morning and watched them load our stuff. If only we had known.

We have plenty to keep us occupied tomorrow and Thursday morning, however, so we should be OK. Willie put the new doors in, and I managed to fit the door hardware successfully at last. He's finishing off the little house, and we'll fill it up tomorrow with all of our various purchases so there's room for the IKEA delivery, hopefully on Thursday. Arrgh.

At least we have dinner with Janne to look forward to tomorrow night.

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