Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The shipping mystery has been solved

I checked on the internet this morning and confirmed that I had paid the freight charges on March 24th. I talked to Helen at Waxholmsbolaget, who spoke English very well and was quite switched on. She checked and confirmed that I had indeed paid, although I hadn't faxed confirmation as they wanted.

That seemed strange to me as I didn't do that last time, and they did have my money after all. But no point in arguing at this point as the boat only comes this way on Tuesday and Thursday. They are planning on a noon delivery tomorrow. Once I get home and talk to Rutger, I'll sort this out.

It is a nice sunny day today and we're all busy on various projects. Sooz is staining the doors and window frames and Grant is manning the fire. Photos are being added to the gallery as I get time.

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