Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A nice evening

We just got back from Janne's for a group dinner with Tony, too. Sooz made chili and we got to take showers at Janne's, which felt great.

A productive day today, finishing off lots of little things, although I have to say I felt like we found at least one new thing to do for every one we completed. That's the nature of the finishing details, I guess, although it is a little tiring.

Tomorrow morning, Tommy and Anders will come by to talk about the bathroom, joined by Janne and Wille, so we should settle everything then. The garderobes arrive (along with the rest of the furniture) at noon, so it'll be another busy day.

Sooz was busy staining all the window frames and doors, and Grant tended the fire all day. We also installed the sky chair and it's pretty cool.

Right now, Grant is sharing my internet connection and is watching the Cubs play the Rockies live from Wrigley Field in his bedroom. I think that's pretty cool.

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Margaret said...

The chair looks great!