Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lots happening today

It's after 10PM and we're all beat so just a quick update.
  • Wille decided not to come back out as he just needed to do the garderobes today and since he has one more trip to make, he'll get it all done then.
  • Tommy and Anders came out as planned. Janne came over and we all had a good conversation, mostly in Swedish! But the bottom line is that everything will be done the way we had planned, in the first half of May. The bad news is that it'll be about a third more than my budget.
  • The goods boat finally arrived and we managed to hike everything up to the house. Thank goodness for Janne's ATV; we just had to hand-carry over the difficult bits uphill from the dock and overland to the house. But that part just about did me in!
  • Grant had great success with the fire; we started with 4 big piles of brush and scrap and now there's only one. And Sooz continued her work with staining the trim.
I downloaded LOST off iTunes and we watched it together on our new sofa. Now Grant is watching the Cubs and I'm listening to the City- Hamburg match. Ain't life grand?

UPDATE: Well the Cubs and City both lost; some things never change. Also note there are more photos posted in the webgallery.

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