Monday, April 6, 2009

One week to go

I talked to Janne over the weekend. He said it was getting warmer out on Aspö, but it's been a cold and wet winter. He'll turn on the heat a day before to give the house a chance to warm up.

The lumber for the stairs is already on the midsummer dock and Grant and I will carry it up; I can't add too much sweat equity other than hauling stuff, so it's good to do that. Grant will be on fire duty as this is the last good chance to burn the piles of brush we have left. Fires during the summer months aren't allowed, which makes sense, but puts the onus on us to clear as much as we can now.

Janne also plans to confer with Anders and Tommy when they're up to visit, he wants to be sure we decide jointly and in detail who will do exactly what when it comes to the water and plumbing. That should be easy to do when we all talk face-to-face. Janne's built enough houses to know that good communication is important!

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