Friday, April 3, 2009

Info from Margaret

Marg sent an email today with a very important tip:

"I'm particularly thinking of the lumber Don & Grant will be carrying up...if like I you get allergies, the pollen nightmare exploded here yesterday, big time - we went for shots this morning. If you think you'll be affected out there bring pills (stuff from the UK is probably better than Apotek!) and plenty of hankies. Without the shot I'd be sneezing so much I'd never be able to carry anything!

Spring has at least made a first's beautiful here - blue sky, warmer temperatures. I'm not quite ready to give up my winter coat, but it is beautiful. Particularly if you like the golden shade of pollen coating everything within sight ; )"

She's right about the allergies; Grant and I are both have pretty decent hay fever. When in the US next week, Sooz plans to stock up on a wide range of supplies from a local Target or Wal-Mart, and she'll be sure now to concentrate on the strongest allergy stuff she can find.

I'm also glad to see her news about the weather. I've become increasingly worried about the Sandhamn forecast, with tonight's low supposed to be -1ºC (30ºF). We managed a day (and night) in the house when it was a bit warmer. I don't think we could handle a week at that temperature! But perhaps a little sunshine will make the stay much more manageable.

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