Tuesday, April 14, 2009


We had a lot more stuff in Marcia and Rutger's garage than I realised, and with the table/chair set we bought yesterday, there was quite a load to take out to Aspö. We wanted to take advantage of the boat Wille hired, so we looked into a taxi to carry everything to Stavsnäs. However, that was quite expensive, with no guarantee of the size of the van.

Ultimately, we decided to take Rutger's Volvo at 5AM, load it up to the gills, and drop all our stuff at the dock, with Sooz staying behind to watch over it. I drove back to Jarfällä to drop off Rutger's car, and then Grant and I took the bus back to Stavsnäs to meet Wille and load up the boat. Fortunately, everything worked as planned and we're safely on the island with all our gear. Phew!

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