Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rutger the consumer advocate

Rutger was pretty annoyed about the shipping problems I experienced last week. Since he set everything up on my behalf, he felt responsible, although I tried hard not to make him feel that way. But Rutger's that kind of guy.

He's spent the past couple of days chasing down the responsible parties and has received an admission of error and an apology. Now he is chasing financial compensation. Since the shipping was 1200 kronor (£100), it's probably worth asking for some money back.

I told Rutger he could keep any refunds, to help pay for all of the gas I've burned in his Volvo! I'll report back if he has any success.


Anonymous said...

I think Rutger would be a perfect consumer advocate--he is very cool,
calm and collected.Plus he speaks much better Swedish!! Mom

Anonymous said...

What a louse deal from Waxholmsbolaget he will get 0, they never pay!