Friday, June 19, 2009

A busy day!

Sorry to be so quiet but we've been really busy with the house and all our activities. Here's quick "data dump":

Marcia, Tim, and Rutger all arrived at noon, and Marg and Janne stopped by around 6, so we had a nice full cabin!

I got a cool tool box as an early birthday present from M&R, and I happily filled it up this afternoon.

The shower and the Cinderella have been working great, and the washing machine is good, too, although we have to balance it as it's been walking all over the floor during the spin cycle.

The little stuga (referred by Rutger as the "love shack") is all cleaned up, although the fresh ceiling is dripping sap onto the sleeping couple. (Insert joke/pun here).

It was fairly cool and rainy yesterday afternoon, and this morning looks unsettled, who knows what weather we'll have for the big celebrations this afternoon...?

More photos will be up soon and I'll try to post more later.

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