Monday, June 1, 2009

The weekend's progress update

When I was at the house this weekend, I saw a lot of progress. The bathroom has been lined with waterproof board, and the floor leveled for the drain. The tiles and grout have been all brought up to the house, no small task, given how heavy it all is! The towel rack and shower doors are onsite, too. (As I mentioned before, the sink and cabinet won't arrive until this Friday.)

UPDATE: I just now talked to Anders and he said a lot of the tiles are up on the walls and everything is going well today.

The concrete pad underneath the house is completed, ready for the plumber to arrive later this week to install all of the machinery, which consists of an air tank to provide water pressure, a hot water tank, and a control system to automatically refill both tanks from the well whenever water is used. There's also a heating system to ensure the well and tanks don't freeze. (We didn't add a filter just yet; in fact, the water was running clear and sweet when I ran the pump yesterday.) Lastly, Janne has finished the grey water system, so it should just be a matter of plugging everything together and then we'll have running water!

Wille's work is also moving along. He installed the wood panel in place of the white one we had in the kitchen, and finished off the kitchen cabinets nicely. The garderobes are mostly done, only needing the doors, and they're looking good, too. He'll be back Wednesday to put the ceiling and insulation in the little house, finish the skirting, and complete a few other bits and bobs.

We'll be out two weeks from Wednesday and it'll be tight to get it all done... but I am still fairly confident.

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