Friday, June 19, 2009

Midsommar afternoon

Another fun day so far. Rutger and I worked on building a giant garderobe for the little house. It came in three boxes and had 52,000 pieces of hardware (at least that's my estimate.) Miraculously, we got Grant and Tim to shovel some of the excavated earth over the grey water tank.

We all enjoyed a lovely lunch of lemon chicken on the deck, and were then off to the Waxholms dock to watch the parade of boats as they circled the island. Next was the gathering at the midsummer meadow, and a surprising number showed up; I didn't think the island held that many people.

We met a few neighbors there, and Ollie was stroked by a dozen children. Then back for a lazy afternoon; as of this writing, Marcia and I are the only ones awake!

Lots more photos in the midsommar webgallery.

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