Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Reunited and it feels so good

Sooz, Grant and Ollie made it exactly as planned at 15:30, a little butt-sprung but otherwise in great shape. Marcia opened a bottle of pink champagne to celebrate Sooz's driving accomplishment.

I spoke to Anders, and he said everything was done, but there was a problem with the water pump yesterday, and the plumber was there this morning to fix it. He hadn't heard back from him, so he's assuming all is OK. And Wille sent me a text just now, saying he was still at work at the house and he will call later. Fortunately it's a beautiful day today, so work should be progressing well.

Lastly, I called the båt taxi people to reconfirm our boat tomorrow; I'm glad I did that, because they had me down for Friday, not Wednesday! Fortunately, we fixed that, so all is well now.

I've also started a new photo gallery; the 'midsommar' link is up on the right of the blog, too.

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