Saturday, June 27, 2009

Garbage Day

The big summer trash pickup was fascinating. The boat arrived at 10AM and it had a full set of recycling facilities onboard; it was a mini floating landfill.

We had a big pile of building scrap, of course, but I was astounded by the huge array of junk that people had to throw out. Furniture, appliances, boat anchors, you name it, people were toting it to the dock. Just like the size of the crowd at the midsummer meadow, the amount of stuff on the island is at odds with the isolation and calm we feel here.

Thankfully Nick and Grant made a number of wheelbarrow trips (and he and Tim did lots of sorting earlier in the week, too). The job couldn't have been done without them. Our pile is now about half the size, and it's mostly wood and paper, which we can burn in October.

There's another trash day in late August and I'd love to come out for that, we'll have to see if I can swing it.

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