Wednesday, June 3, 2009

T minus 2 weeks

We'll be arriving on the island with a (literal) boatload of stuff exactly two weeks from now. I just spoke to Anders and he said the tiling was pretty much done; they were doing the grout when I called (I could hear scraping in the background).

The plumber is still planned to come later this week, and the delayed sink and cabinet should be delivered to Bauhaus this weekend. One thing not yet firmed up is the electrician, who will need to do a bit of work in the bathroom for the cabinet light and towel rack, and more importantly, the final connection of the water equipment.

Göran provided all of the circuitry and wiring to connect that equipment, so it should be a straightforward job. I put Anders in touch with Göran, and he has his own electrician, too, so I think we'll be all right in getting that done. But it isn't actually scheduled just yet, and I'll be happier when it is.

Lastly was the washing machine, which Anders had ordered but was having trouble finding the time to get to the warehouse. So I called Wille who will come to the rescue and pick it up this weekend, and bring it out to the house on Monday when he's there next for his finishing-up.

As Anders said, "things should be OK, but keep your fingers pressed."

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