Saturday, June 13, 2009

Midsommar weather

The weather for the midsummer's weekend is a national obsession in Sweden. Margaret has told me that it rains more often than not on the big day.

So I took a look on the internet for historical data. First I had to calculate the actual date of the midsummer holiday, as it's set as the Saturday that falls within June 20-26. (It was on my birthday in 2000 and 2006; this year, it's early; the 20th.)

Then a look on gave me the Stockholm observations on the appointed Saturdays this decade. The results were:
  • Average high 18.6C/66F
  • Average low: 12.6C/55F
  • Rain: on 5 of the 9 dates
So Margaret's right. It rains more often than not on Midsummer, although, thankfully, it doesn't always rain.

NB: These are Stockholm observations and the weather is different in the archipelago, although I think the general trend is correct.

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Margaret said...

Check Fridays though...Midsummer Eve is the day of celebration and it is always on a Friday.
(Midsummer Day, Saturday, is when we host the hungover lot at our place, ha ha)