Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday update

The weather forecast was wrong and we've had a beautiful day today. Us menfolk put jarn vitriol on the little house and it looks nice and mellow silver-grey. Sooz, Marcia, and Ollie took a lap around the island and then worked on their tans. (Not Ollie, of course.)

We're all lazing in the sun now and will soon head over to Marg and Janne's for a midsommer evening.

More photos soon, I promise.

PS. The sun rose at 3:30 today and will set at 8:55.
UPDATE: I was wrong. The sun rose at 3:30, but it set tonight at 10:09.

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Anonymous said...

Minneapolis sunrise--5:26 AM, Sunset is 9:03 PM.Explain yours better.