Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wille calls- quite early!

Just received an unusual 6:15 call from Wille (he forgot about the time change, I think). But I'm an earlybird, so no problem.

Anyways, he agrees with Margaret's comment about the unceasing rain so he's waiting until the weekend to come back out to finish up. He has about a day's worth of work outside and maybe a half-day's inside so there's still time. He knows we are all out on Wednesday and sees no problem with completing if he can have just one dry day.

He also has our washing machine and will hook it up, since the plumbing will be done by then. Wille also reports that we'll have good weather for midsummer, which would be great! As Anders said, "keep our fingers pressed"...

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Marcia and Rutger said...

Good news :-)
You know Rutger needs his indoor plumming :-)