Sunday, March 8, 2009

Eurovision "Andra Chansen"

Last night was the "second chance" show. Songs that didn't make the cut on the day were put into one last runoff to get into the final next Saturday in Stockholm.

Our favourite by far was Caroline af Ugglas, (literally "Caroline of the Owls") whose ballad "Snälla, Snälla" ("Please, Please") was a fantastic piece of American-Idolesque over-emoting, complete with touretteish hand and foot movements and a camera angle which looked a bit too deeply into Caroline's nostrils. Superb.

There are a few decent songs into the final and I promise to publicly make my pick later in the week.


Marcia said...

Hej! Glad to see you've posted our favorite song "snälla snälla snälla". Can't wait to see her win :-)

Margaret said...

America calling, via Sweden: seriously, it's time to take this thing away, it's giving Europe a bad name. It was one thing when it was really "schlager music", but now, when anything goes...horrific! Bring back the ear operations on Swedish tv!