Saturday, March 7, 2009

Over hill, over dale!

At last, I've made the decision on how to get us to Sweden in June! After much hemming and hawing, I finally booked the Eurotunnel and then the Kiel-Gothenburg ferry for June 14-15.

Seeings as the drive from our house to Kiel was a bit too long of a journey for one day, I decided to break it up and make it to Holland on Sunday, overnight there, and continue up to Kiel at a leisurely pace on Monday for the ferry at 1900.

We then will arrive, refreshed, hopefully, in Gothenburg on Tuesday morning and the rest of the drive across Sweden should only take 4-5 hours. Whew! Maybe when I was twenty I could do a 12 hour drive in one day but not these days, especially with a Corgi in the back! I'll be fine-tuning the route in the next month or so but at least I've got the basics confirmed.

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Anonymous said...

Have to laugh at fine tuning a route so far ahead. What about delays, weather, accidents, life?