Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Good news/Bad news

The good news is that I talked Sooz into going to see the Swedish Eurovision final at the Harcourt Arms. The bad news is their tickets for the final are now sold out! Darn.

It's being shown at the Swedish church across the street so we can see it at least, but maybe we can still get into the bar. That is a fairly Swedish part of London so we'll go early and check it out.


Margaret said...

Did you get in?
Did you get up onstage?
Did you don (no pun intended) a gold lamé suit?
Best from 2 hugely jetlagged Floridians, arrived home about 20mins ago

Don said...

Hej Marg! It's not till the 14th so I still have time to track down some lamé. I plan to live-blog right from the show so that may prove to be amusing....