Sunday, March 15, 2009

It's the morning after

I made one final post from the pub last night but it didn't seem to take. Alcohol might have been involved. (Update: Not booze at all, but a technical glitch. It appeared sometime Monday afternoon. Go figure.)

Anyways, the winner was Malena Ernman, the opera singer, who stormed through on the public vote. The voting system awarded points from professional juries in various regions of Sweden. After that round, Måns was leading and Alcazar was third, so Sooz and I felt pretty smart.

But the public vote overwhelmed the experts, and in the end, Malena and her giant voice won the contest. (Caroline, frighteningly, came in second.) A good summary of the show is here.

We had a fun time; Sooz used her charm and we got tickets into the pub in the end. We met a bunch of Swedes and other Europhiles, plus we got to explore the Scandinavian neighborhood as well. It was a great evening, although we're feeling it a tiny bit this morning...!

UPDATE: I have added a little video of the crowd singing along to Måns' "Hope and Glory" to give you an idea of our evening.

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