Friday, March 20, 2009

Morning Sports Update

  1. Corrected: Leksand has begun its 10-game playoff to get promoted to the top league in Sweden. However, they have lost their first three games, and sit at the bottom right now. The series ends on April 9, so I'm hoping they'll recover and we'll see Wille in a good mood on the 14th!
  2. In related news, my beloved Manchester City beat its third Danish opponent (fourth, if you count the Faroe Islands) last night to progress in the UEFA Cup. They scraped through in typically insane fashion.


Anonymous said...

Does Manchester only play the Danes or is that info especially for me??

Don said...

No, we've played Dutch and Spainards, too...! Just lots of Danes for some reason.

Anonymous said...

Well I do not think you’ll ever find your carpenter friend in a good mood if it has to do with Leksand, they are out and they will stay away from Elitserien!

Frankly who miss them? No one!