Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ollie had a checkup today

He's been a little slow the past week, which has worried us a bit, so he visited his surgeon before his swimming therapy.

Overall, he's just fine, but it appears we've been letting him do too much lately in our enthusiasm for him to return to old his self. We've been playing with his tennis ball a bit and letting him walk off his lead. Both of those are still no-no's at this stage. It's really not until June 1 (his 6th birthday) that we can consider his recovery over.

We'll have to work to manage this, as he is generally feeling much better and he wants to play. It's hard to keep saying 'no' when he is feeling frisky and wants to romp around. The good news, though, is that he has the green light to walk longer distances, so we can at least partially compensate a lack of play with more time walking.

We still feel good about taking him to Aspö, although I will talk to Janne about maybe having a removable ramp on the main stairs. I imagine a wide plank that can be fixed at either end would do the trick, and as Margaret says, that would be handy for getting carts and luggage to the front door, too.

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