Thursday, March 19, 2009

A laundry list

A bunch of things came together over the past few days:
  • Wille called and said he had a boat set for himself and all his stuff for the morning of Tuesday the 14th, so we'll plan to join him on that run, as we'll have a lot of stuff, too! The only drag is that we'll miss Margaret by a day as she's there for the Easter weekend. But we'll see her the following weekend for sure.
  • I spoke to Janne; he's back on Aspö and has ordered the lumber for the steps already, to be delivered with another job he's working on. He also priced out all the water hardware, which, thankfully, is right on my budget. He's also finishing off burying the grey water system and sending in photos of it for final building approval.
  • Sooz contacted IKEA to pay for our furniture order and get the final size and weight information, which she sent to...
  • ...Rutger, who is going to contact the harbor people at Stavsnäs and arrange delivery on the goods boat "Olliver" on the 14th.
  • And, speaking of Oliver, he had another thorough checkup today. We (mostly me, actually) were getting increasingly worried as he seems to be slowing down a bit (although he is still himself and quite happy). But his surgeon gave him a good going over and said he was doing just fine and that we shouldn't obsess over every little thing. I'll have to work on that...!

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